Whilst the Advani family have been breeding racehorses since the early 80’s, with such horses as Amarone, Caliph, Golden Flame, Landski, it has only been since 2001 that the Breeding Operation was moved and controlled in house at our Stud in Lincolnshire. Having started with one mare, we now have a select group of mares, most of whom have performed credibly on the race course an whose prestigious racing bloodlines we look to continue.

A great deal of time is spent studying pedigrees in order to ensure that each mare visits the correct Stallion, although even then there are no certainties of breeding a winner.
During 2009, it was decided that Amaroni  Bloodstock would no longer purchase third party bred horses and would concentrate on breeding and running home breds.
We have recently added more boxes in order to accommodate our ever growing numbers.
We use the best stallions available and our mares have visited Sulamani, Firebreak, Indesatchel.



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